Website development

We are Makklays. We help to realize the idea.

About us

Makklays is a team of people who have been professionally engaged in computer programming and website development since 2007. Based on our experience and knowledge, we can guarantee the quality of work and on time. Successfully developed and programmed more than one corporate website, an online store for medium-sized businesses, as well as a sophisticated web portal for banks.

Our mission is to help develop a successful business in the IT field. We would like to become for you a reliable partner in providing services of development, development of business on the Internet and website maintenance. We achieve our goal by offering services that lead to the development and prosperity of society.

Website development is not our ultimate goal. This is just a tool that should help business development and increase customer profits.

Each specialist has more than 10 years of development or work experience in his field.

About makklays

Makklays loves new knowledge, and also loves to develop and make large non-standard projects in the IT field. We, as Chip and Dale, are in a hurry to come to your aid in realizing your goals. And who, if not us, are the best versed in modern technologies of site building? And who else but us, know how easy it is to complete a customer order so that he is satisfied with the result of the work? Only we! Website development with us is easy and fun!

Our site development is unique in that we do not use free boxed solutions that are cut in functionality, design and often do not give the desired result. Our development is flexible for you, starting with your wishes for functionality, content, design and ending with the site being successfully posted on the Internet, on time, and also has your desired design, functionality and practicality. Our site is easy to use, it is understandable, has nothing superfluous, easy to manage, practical.

Our geography is the all world. We speak several languages​and develop websites, online stores and complex business systems using modern technologies.

The age of our customers is from 28 to 53 years. This is a business owner, businessman, business lady, marketer and brand manager, production owner, entrepreneur from the B2B and B2C segment, a public person.

We order sites for the development of our own business, for promoting the company through the Internet, a website system for automating processes in a production or factory using IT, a website system or service for maintaining clients and their data, a website system for logistics in an enterprise, a web service and API for mobile applications, launching and launching a new brand, to increase sales, search for new customers, social entertainment or news portal, popularize a brand or capture a new market segment, a website system for maintaining data in the laboratory, to increase profits from the Internet.

Our sites: on the Internet , at the enterprise , at the factory , at the bank , at the holding , in the laboratory , in the company , in the corporation .

System sites are available on business days and times at the enterprise. And at any time 24/7 if it is a sale or corporate information site on the Internet.

Will satisfy your graphic wishes in colors.
Frontend - developer
Layouts according to the rules of html layout using graphic design.
Backend - developer
It will program the site and its complex logic, tighten the layout, validate and protect against attacks.
Content manager
Fill the site with the desired information, texts and images.
Project manager.
Organizes the work of specialists, interacts with the customer.