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Corporate website

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Corporate website

A corporate site or a turnkey corporate site of a company (which, in fact, too) is nothing more than a simple site, which consists of several, to a greater extent, standard sections of the site. These are the sections of the corporate website of the company such as: about us, what do we do? How do we do it ?, prices, news, contacts. As an addition, the corporate site of the company may also contain such sections of the site as: articles, blog, product catalog and other more individual sections of the corporate site.

If the corporate site of the company contains a section of the site where it is possible to buy the company's products or simply purchase goods companies through e-commerce, then this is no longer the company's corporate website, but most likely online store or online catalog. If the corporate website of the company contains information of a wider range. For example, about different brands and different goods, and not just about the products that it produces, then such a corporate site of the company is no longer a corporate site - it is web portal. Also a corporate website, which contains only a few static information pages, for example: about us, production, prices, contacts. Then this site is a business card site.

Development of a corporate website

In the development of a turnkey corporate website, one of the most important parts is the design of a corporate website. The corporate website design reflects the corporate colors of the company. These are the colors of the logo. And also, it can contain the features of the company in the design of the corporate website or highlight certain aspects of the company and the business of the company. For example, the footer of a company's website in the form of a pool, if the company is engaged in the production and installation of a pool for private houses in the suburbs or in villas. The design of a corporate site can be edited and several changes or additions can be made to it in the process of drawing a layout of the corporate site's web design.

After the design of the corporate site is ready, you can proceed to the next stage of the development of the corporate site - layout of the site pages, which are performed by the layout designer (if the company has a layout designer or PHP programmer). The layout designer transfers the result of his work to the PHP developer, who transfers the page layout to the corporate site model, writes PHP code, adds basic SEO optimization, connects the database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), receives and stores data, links the site pages to each other hyperlinks. Retrieves from the database and displays the data on the corporate website page. Develops the administrative part of the site, where later the administrator of the site system is the administrator, adds information to the site (manages the content of the site - goods, prices, articles, texts, images). After the developer completes the development of the corporate website, it is transferred for testing to QA specialists (testers). After testing to identify security bottlenecks and errors on the site, the corporate site is deployed (launched) on the Internet. Filled in if it was not filled with the necessary information about the company and the company's activities earlier. Advertising is launched, in agreement with the marketing and SMM department. The corporate site receives the first customers from the Internet and orders for products, takes its place where the best corporate Internet sites.

Corporate site support

To a greater extent, support for a corporate website, provided that it has been competently designed and programmed, is minimized. Namely, to work with him. This is the addition of company news and new company photos. If there is an article section on the company's corporate website, then the replenishment of this section and the addition, from time to time, new thematic articles or articles related to the company's field of activity. If on the corporate website of the company there is a section of the catalog of goods or the catalog of products that the company (enterprise) produces, then when a new product is released or prices change, this should also be reflected on the corporate website in the corresponding section of the catalog of goods. So that the information on the corporate website of the company is always up-to-date and reflects the reality of today.

If the company's corporate website in the administrative part (in the admin panel) contains pages for collecting information - traffic, site statistics (external and internal user transitions through the site pages), statistics on the use of utm tags (utm_source, utm_compaing, utm_content or utm_term, which SEO loves to use so much) specialists and the marketing department to analyze the money spent on advertising). All of the following: writing articles, news, actualization of prices and information about a corporate site - this is the promotion of a corporate site. Your promotion of a corporate site, as well as the promotion of corporate sites from other areas of business, is essentially no different. An important component at the stage of competition of sites among themselves (with a related field of action) in the results on the pages of search engines (google, yandex, etc.) is competition with the content of sites (well-optimized texts) and the HTML code of corporate sites (competent layout of site pages, use of mandatory tags H1, Title, etc.). Development of a corporate website for a company with us - includes all the necessary components for successful competition according to the rules dictated by SEO optimization and modern search engines. Your site, like other best corporate sites on the Internet, will have all of these ingredients.

If the company has a section for current vacancies, update this section. By the way,
the Vacancies section indirectly, but indicates the development of the company, the expansion of the company in the eyes of the user who visits the corporate website (looking for new employees means expanding, a conclusion suggests itself). Support for a corporate site for its developers is the addition and development of new functionality, pages with forms or order forms on the site. Adding SEO features to a corporate website (rarely, bug fixes, adjustments).

Order a turnkey corporate website

I often ask that you have heard about the term "turnkey corporate website development", but do not understand what "turnkey" means. I'll clarify. Development of a corporate website on a turnkey basis is a purchase of a website development, as a result of which the customer receives a developed website presentation of which, so to speak, as handing over the keys to a new car, hence the term "turnkey development". The customer does not take part in the development of the corporate website. Maximum communicates corporate colors, colors for the design of a corporate site and features of a corporate site. Upon the expiration of the development period specified in the development contract, the customer has a turnkey website. The term "Order a turnkey corporate website" is increasingly common on the Internet, but in fact it is just a competent development of a corporate website without unnecessary involvement (and twitching) in the customer development process. Unfortunately, not all companies realize this. Why choose website development with us? You can find out here.

Ordering a turnkey corporate website in our company means getting a number of bonuses, some of which were described above in this article. In short, I will mention them again: competent basic SEO optimization, traffic statistics for working with marketing and SMM (utm tags), development of a corporate website from experienced specialists, namely development by programmers PHP (and not deploying a cheap shareware boxed solution with reduced functionality without involving programmers) and, of course, price-quality ratio. Yes, our services may cost a little more than shareware out-of-the-box solutions. You can find out the exact cost by filling in a brief on the development of a website online. But this is a unique and flexible development of a corporate website specifically for your business with its features, optimized and using modern web technologies and programming languages, has an adaptive layout for different devices (phones, tablets, monitors), and not a search for a suitable shareware website design template in internet. We want and wish to meet each other for business development. We want to become your reliable partner in the development of a corporate website, and its presentation, and promotion on the modern Internet.