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Website development brief

A brief on site development will help us understand your goals and desires. We will better navigate your project and quickly evaluate the cost and timing of development.

A brief consists of 32 fields to fill. You do not have to fill out everything, but it is advisable to try. The more complete information we receive from you, the more efficient our work will be.

If you have a brief on the site, drafts of the site structure or TK, you can send them to us by mail - - or scroll down this page, there is a button for sending files.

General information

Objectives and functions of the site

Website Objectives

Indicate one or more goals that you want to achieve using the site

Site type

Specify the type of site

Services for contacting site visitors

Choose the desired services for communication with site visitors

Online Sales Services

Mark the features that a site must have for online sales

Integration with third-party services and programs

Specify the services with which you want to integrate the site

Content management system

Choose your desired site management system

Do I need a mobile version of the site or responsive design

Site structure

Site design

What elements of corporate identity exist and can be used in the development of design

The mood and the associations that website design should trigger

Availability of photos and pictures for design development

Content and additional services

Content for the site: texts, translations, photos

Additional services and services

Additional files

You can attach a completed brief, outline of the prototype, an approximate ToR or any files for site development

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