Website development

We are Makklays. We help to realize the idea.

How we are working?

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Development consists of several stages:

1. formulation of the problem;
2. preparation of technical specifications and conclusion of an agreement with a client;
3. layout development, coordination with the customer;
4. layout of the template, installation of a content management system, hosting setup;
5. development of the necessary functionality, testing;
6. filling content;
7. closing the order after acceptance by the client;
Website development at Makklays is not the ultimate goal. This is just a tool that should help solve the problem of the customer.

We use advanced technology. Facebook, Amazon - all of these platforms are written in the language PHP programming with the most robust security standards and code stability.
We chose this language and its frameworks Yii2, Laravel, when they still did not break into the TOP most used on the planet.
This allows us to develop a unique offer at Makklays for you and be flexible in realizing your wishes.

Forms of consultation:

- Meeting in Kiev (by agreement);
- Skype consultation;
- Written consultation (format: question / answer);

About work and happiness

«Happiness is when you go to work with joy in the morning and return home with joy in the evening.»

Our advantages?

Convenient and clear CMS
Site management system with different access rights. Improved interface for convenient administrator work.

Hosting and HTTPS
We configure the secure https protocol to your website when ordering our hosting services.

Analytics services
Integration and configuration of popular services for tracking statistics on visits to your site.

Download Speed Optimization
We offer services to optimize the content and speed of loading your site.

Service Integration / CRM
Automation of sales, business processes and interactions with your customers.

Work with content
If necessary, the team can take care of issues related to filling the site.

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Iteration triggering
Iterations allow you to highlight part of the work for successful implementation

Without "water"
Only facts and actions leading to the result

Guaranteed Result
For all our developments I give a one-year guarantee and eliminate the errors detected for free.