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We are Makklays. We help to realize the idea.

Makklays — a team of people who have been professionally engaged in computer programming of sites since 2007. Successfully developed and programmed more than one corporate website, an online store for medium-sized businesses, as well as a sophisticated web portal for banks in our country.

Our mission is to help develop a successful business in the IT field. We would like to become for you a reliable partner in providing services of development, development of business on the Internet and website maintenance. We achieve our goal by offering services that lead to the development and prosperity of society.

Website development is not our ultimate goal. This is just a tool that should help business development and increase your profits.

We love living and love life. Makklays loves new knowledge, and also loves large and interesting IT projects, wanting to become a confident partner for you and your business.


Who are we?

Our geography is the all world. We speak several languages and develop websites, online stores and complex business systems using modern technologies.

The age of our customers is from 28 to 53 years. This is a business owner, businessman, business lady, marketer and brand manager, production owner, entrepreneur from the B2B and B2C segment, a public person.

We order sites for the development of our own business, for promoting the company through the Internet, a site system for automating processes in a production or factory using IT, a site system or service for maintaining clients and their data, a site system for logistics at the enterprise, launch and withdrawal a new brand, to increase sales, search for new customers, a social entertainment or news portal, popularize a brand or capture a new market segment, a web service and API for mobile applications, a website system for maintaining data in the laboratory, to increase profits from the Internet.

Our sites: on the Internet, in an enterprise, in a factory, in a bank, in a holding, in a laboratory, in a company, in a corporation.

System sites are available on business days and times at the enterprise. And at any time 24/7 if it is a sale or corporate information site on the Internet.

Why us?

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And also

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Yes, we develop and make websites. We are writing a code. We make large and not very websites. Sites that are easy for us to maintain, because we know our code and know what we are doing. We do not use free CMS, which are not intended for modification and scaling, because they are free. Do you need to develop a turnkey website and launch it on the Internet? This is for us! We are ready to develop a website for you and launch it on the Internet. Our direction vector is corporate sites, online stores and site systems. We are proud of what we do and develop sites. We are proud of the results of our work and our customers. We want you to be able to get the desired result by working with us.

How we are working?


Development consists of several stages:

1. formulation of the problem;
2. preparation of technical specifications and conclusion of an agreement with a client;
3. layout development, coordination with the customer;
4. layout of the template, installation of a content management system, setting up a hosting, demo site;
5. development of necessary functionality, testing;
6. filling content;
7. closing the order after acceptance by the client;

We use the development of modern and advanced technologies. Facebook, Amazon - all of these platforms are written in the PHP programming language with the most robust security standards and code stability.

We chose this language and its frameworks Yii2, Laravel, when they still did not break into the TOP most used on the planet. This allows us to develop a unique offer at Makklays for you and be flexible in realizing your unusual wishes.

Our prices

- We do not make template decisions (unless you ask for it)
- We don’t make carbon copy sites (unless you ask for it)
- We do not "work here for a couple of hours"
- We do not do what you would like. We make your customers happy
- We achieve our goals (not always successful, but the main thing is that we achieve)

Are we doing expensive? We do it!

Although all this is payment for our work, and if you think that labor should be paid, we will work together. We also know how to speak the language, so if you still want to know the prices, follow this link.

Corporate website

from 900 $

  • ✔ Lead time 10-20 days
  • ✔ Definition and content of the main sections
  • ✔ Design in corporate colors
  • ✔ 5 functional modules
  • ✔ Adaptability for all devices
  • ✔ Basic SEO Optimization
  • ✔ Laravel
  • ✔ Content management system
  • ✔ Website training
Order development

Online store

from 1855 $

  • ✔ 2-3 weeks
  • ✔ Filling 100 positions
  • ✔ Unique design
  • ✔ Online payment option
  • ✔ Adaptability for all devices
  • ✔ Basic SEO Optimization
  • ✔ 10,000 characters of unique text
  • ✔ Laravel
  • ✔ Website training
  • ✔ Connection of external services
  • ✔ Install https
  • ✔ Gift domain name
Order development

Website system

from 3150 $

  • ✔ Duration up to 2 months
  • ✔ Filling 500 items / lists
  • ✔ Development of the main components
  • ✔ Unique design
  • ✔ Logical parts development
  • ✔ Adaptability for all devices
  • ✔ Basic SEO Optimization
  • ✔ Laravel
  • ✔ Email sending internally
  • ✔ Connection of external services
  • ✔ Content management system
  • ✔ Website training
  • ✔ Install https
  • ✔ Gift domain name
Order development


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