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Website development and religion

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Is it about developing a website for a church? It is filled with prayers))) Yes, but forgive me, not really. By the way, in parentheses "(extension)" I will expand and supplement the information referred to in the text sentence.

Today I would like to touch on the topic of website development and religion. Consider programming loops (as part of website development). For example, in an online store, a programmer uses cyclicality when displaying product data on a page with a list of products. To touch on the topic of programming cyclicality, which is expressed in most programming languages ​​by the syntax of the for () operator. And about religion, about it further in the text. With loops and the syntax of the for () operator in programming languages, everything is clear and simple.
Here is a simple loop example, for non-programmers to understand what this is about:

  // loop that runs 12 times
for ($ i = 0; $ i <= 12; $ i ++) {
// some code is executed

Let's move on to religion. Do you think how they are related to religion and what am I talking about? Yes, it sometimes seems funny to me too. Did it come to mind? Ha haa haa. But still. I'm talking about a simple code example (it is below), as a result of my thoughts. About the destiny and destiny of man. And that everything that we do already has a path and development prescribed from above. Event, time and date. Someone will think that if there is a way, then it is bad. You cannot collapse, you cannot add anything. Perhaps the choice for a person is being infringed. But is it? Is it not when a person protests against his path, he does not follow it? Perhaps there were several protests in it. Perhaps his sincere protest is part of his path? How to find out while walking along the way. Or how do you know how many people will read an article by typing? Do I need to know this? And what is the shortest path - straight! Or is it that having realized it (yourself and your path) and calmly perceiving what is intended for him - a person cannot make a mistake and turn in the wrong direction? What about temptations and temptations? Do you want to go to the wrong place and find out about it only after some time, and then repent? I think I would not really like to make a mistake in life. While a person is young, he does not notice this. Experience is only accumulating. With age, a person moves away from youth and can draw a conclusion. Having his own result, he begins to compare. And maybe only after realizing (yourself and the path) comes the understanding that it is worth becoming even closer to something pure and light. Take an example? No? In order not to make mistakes. To follow exactly your own path? Who knows where my path is? After all, someone could influence the choice of the direction of movement (after birth or before the birth of a person). Or simply and stupidly pressing the keys to write code and not be sweated by any religion? Isn't that what programmers do every day? Or writing and giving names to functions and variables that still need to be named somehow, I have no choice? I have. After all, I give the name to the functions and it is my choice how to name them ($ aaa or $ mypath). We can say that this is my choice. And responsibility for my names, not the names of my roommate or department colleague from the office of an IT company. I digress a little, but I made an introduction. Retorric questions - everyone has given himself an answer or not - and this is a choice.

Now in essence. If you have not read the Bible (we added "edema" to this word and it turned out to be a place for storing books in Russian - the Library), then I think you will not be interested further. And you are right. I will operate with dry facts without going into details and without explaining why I use them in consideration, justifying myself by the fact that there are no questions for me and this is just a narrative article))) After all, I could not write, why? Let us recall the story of the coming of Joshua to the world. This is the 78th knee in the Bible. On the night when he was born, a star (a comet that flies once every N years) shone in the sky and came from Asia with gifts (gold and, it seems, three more gifts, already knowing who he will be and what he will accomplish). And as you know, Gd made our world for 7 days. Apparently this is the basis of the weekly cycle. Apparently 8 days don't exist? And even the movement of planets around other planets in favor of cyclicity (it became known in the Library of Alexandria). And our year has 12 months (like 12 stones from the Yardain River or 12 apostles in the next cycle). And the hands of the clock go in a circle for 12 hours (like the 12 tribes of Israel). 13 o'clock doesn't exist? I assume that 13 o'clock exists - this is the first hour in the new cycle. Just like day 8, this is the first day in a new cycle. In the new week.
When could Jesus come into the world? At the end or at the beginning of the cycle? I guess at the beginning. If we take 7 as a basis and repeat this 10 times it will be 70, and if we add 7 more, it will be 77 (this is 11 cycles of 7), and at the beginning of the next 7 tribes, on knee 78, Jesus Cross comes.

  // programming and religion
function circles ()
for ($ knee = 1; $ knee> = 100; $ knee ++) {
if ($ knee> 7 * 11) // started 12 cycle (7 knees in a cycle)
echo 'First Coming of Jesus Cross';

The departure of Jesus of the Cross reminds me a little of what was done with 12 son - Biniamin. They wanted to kill, but survived and helped to survive from starvation to all those who wanted to kill him.

If programming is writing code, that is, text, then .... Although, stop. Do not write, because they write with a ballpoint pen, and in this case, knocking on the keyboard. Americans call this "Hack" sound. And people who knock on the keyboard, by the sound of hitting the keyboard with fingers, are "hackers", since they "hack" make these sounds when they work. It turns out that programmers are Hackers, and who then are called Programmers?) Apparently the question is retoric. Or I haven't found the answer yet)

How else can programming be done for Gd, as King David and his son King Solomon spoke about? It seems to me that the developers of the PHP programming language know the answer to this question ( PHP 8 will be released soon versions) on which sites are programmed using the for () function, with which they describe part of what surrounds us. And PHP programmers take advantage of this. Or I just think so))) After all, PHP programmers are programmers too. Who would Jesus Crossos be by profession now if he lived in the modern world? Why isn't he with us now? He came into the world (hardly ours) before. And when will he come to us next?
(Maybe 7 * 23 + 1 = 162 knee? Or 7 * 12 * 11 + 1 = 925 knee, no?) And which knee is now? The logical answer is> 78. All in good time, probably. People who knew this were called prophets. They came to kings David and Solomon. Who are they visiting now? Are they there now? Yes? And who am I? Whose knee? Why is the working day 8 hours?) I wrote this text in my 12th year of programming and work in my specialty. This is the 7th article on this site.

I got distracted. If programming is "hacking" the text, that is, working with a word (function names, class names, names of variables, properties, etc.), then apparently this reflects the "essence of being" and what the Apostles did. Or not? What do you think? 1, 2, 3, etc.? ))) 3, 2, 1? After all, is this the work with the word? With his truthful thought. Or in our country "Cape named Lom or Lot is missing" ??? (about the lexical meaning of the word "meaning").

By the way, writing on a device (tablet, phone, etc.) that has a touch screen (the screen that you can touch) probably also cannot be called writing? Or is continually driving your finger instead of a pen closer to writing text and words? No? Scribes or writers should be in charge of the writing process.

I can assume that if you are reading this sentence you have either strong logical thinking or strong interest. Thanks for reading. I think on this consideration of the programming of the site and religion (using the example of the cyclic for () which is present on the site that I am developing) can be considered complete. Unless you order the development of a site and you have a desire to touch upon these topics, then I will be happy and happy to talk to you. I will definitely be interested in the answers to the questions asked. Knowing that "the blesses of the hungry and thirsty for righteousness, they will be satisfied." In the meantime, the finish is local.