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What is a good website?

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A good site is a site that has everything you need to get a result, as well as a site that satisfies primarily visual wishes, design, and usability, but otherwise it has everything, just everything, to be successful.

How many people imagine this is a good site? Do you also imagine a good site that way? But is a good site a successful site? Or a site that brings you profit (good profit)?

And here it becomes obvious that NO. No, of course you can call a successful site a good site, just as you can call a profitable site a good site, or a site that brings you $ 12,000 a day, a good site. But, unfortunately, this cannot be done the other way around. Not every good site is a profitable site, not every successful (again from the point of view of financial, traffic, unique users, etc.) site is called a good site. You can pour a lot of water about it, but it won’t, I think you have already grasped the essence of what will be discussed later. Yes, we will determine the components of a good site, and also note the characteristics of the site that make it such.

And so let's get down to the task: I want a good website on the Internet!

Let’s try to analyze and understand how to achieve this on the basis of current knowledge about sites on the Internet.

What budget do I have to get a good website?
If you want a good site for free - you need to look for someone who will make it for you for free. For this, it’s often acquaintances, relatives, programming volunteers, or you simply do not possess the gift of convincing programmers and / or the platforms that provide this service on the Internet. I do not forget to take into account the fact that I have a stormy imagination that I want to realize in the unique design of the site, like most people on our planet. Yes, most people on our planet have visuals, perhaps this is why we often start ordering a website with design fantasies)

I have funds for ordering a site, but they are limited (I saved up more than one month, borrowed, etc.) I want cheaper. In this case, the choice becomes much wider, it becomes possible to turn to a web studio that has made more than a dozen sites on one of the free boxed solutions on the Internet, on some cms on which their site itself is actually made. Your visual desires will be satisfied by a catalog with design templates from which you need to select and find the design of your dreams, with two or three clicks without programming, this supposedly good website is deployed to you on the Internet. You are satisfied. It takes a few days. Euphoria also goes from owning your first good website on the Internet. The comparison begins with the existing one on the Internet. And it begins to become clearer and clearer to you that there are differences. And the design could be better, you did not take into account all modern trends both in color and in shape. And the placement no longer seems so perfect. And competitors have additional pages that for some reason you do not have. I will not exaggerate. And perhaps you will not have such thoughts, because you are special) Appears, perhaps not immediately, but the desire to be updated, to improve or something. Catch up with competitors. Stand out, because now you know what. It’s becoming increasingly clear what you are missing out on a good site. That is, my site is good, but if you add this and this is it, that's it - now it’s definitely a good site. Confidently good site. We’ll go to the developers to finalize the site on a good site. Who are we going to contact? Anyway, to whom. Although no, we rest in the knowledge of the narrow sphere of free boxed sites available on the Internet. We take into account that we installed it on the Internet in two or three clicks, almost with us (everything is very fast, a maximum of a couple of days) and we chose the design from the finished one (on the Internet in general, everything unique is complete for a long time). We turn and spread everything that we want to finish the status of a good site. And what do we hear in response? You probably guessed it. Yes, this is beyond the scope of your purchase (in other words, beyond the framework of this free boxed site developed by someone, and maybe we don’t know how to develop it, we installed it as standard equipment, but there was nothing to program, just know what to click, you yourself saw two or three clicks and you're done, and the design is also installed from your chosen free on the Internet). What did I pay for? And they will answer you for the fact that you have a good website on the Internet. And now I want to finalize the site, make a redesign and just add another option to pay via the Internet (expanding the business). And they will answer you again, and we have delivered you the basic version of the site, in an ego package, etc. this was not foreseen, therefore we cannot help. You thought something before ordering a site from us? Thought, thought. Since these masters do not know how to turn to programmers, they saw the code, they know how to program, they know what a good site is and they have experience in programming. But I don’t have much for my good site (edit the design, add web pages and edit the forms a little, remove some fields, add some, and most importantly, I like the validation as a competitor, now you already understand a little, euphoria passed). And someone reads and thinks, that's how about me, when I ordered my good website for development) And it would be all right, you turned to the programmers, and they took and reprogrammed everything you need. But! And programmers have their own buts. It turns out that they answer after scrutinizing the code that your free or cheap good site was also made by programmers and there are a lot of articles on how to edit it on the Internet, only versions are different, and since there are different versions and there are no new ones, and also since your almost cheap website was also programmed by programmers who gave their work for free to people, and it should look professional in such a way that it wouldn’t be embarrassing for other programmers when they code them, then they made the code so that it I didn’t want to look and there was no way to disassemble it. Of course there are decoders on the Internet, if you look, but it’s unlikely that you can already call it the development of a good site, because you will not launch a spaceship into space by paying for the hours of work of unique, expensive specialists, but simply by a good site. A good site where you need to edit the design, add a page or edit the form, after cheap buying a good site.

I have my means to order a good site and I want a good site having experience in owning a good site. We will not return to the path of ordering a good site above. That is, we will try to order a good site now not on a free boxed solution from the Internet, where you paid web studios for what they know how to install this on the Internet in this free boxed solution with a standard package in two or three clicks. Let's try to order a good site not on the finished cms from the Internet. We order the development of a good site immediately from programmers. A team of programmers who have a designer in the staff, because my visual wishes are not satisfied) Developing a good site will cost more. Yes, development will cost more, simply because there is development. Programmers write code, and if they do not, then this is not development or programming. How many companies that develop and program good sites do you know? And how do they differ from other companies that write that they are developing websites? Now you know the answers to these questions.
After listening to you, the designer will ask you to indicate some basic colors, corporate colors for the future of a good site with a good design. Will develop several layouts. After reviewing, you will make changes, the designer will implement them again. After which you will want to see how all this is inspired by the code of programmers and appears on the Internet. If I wish to finish a good site or transfer fields in a form, your wishes will be realized in the shortest possible time (after all, the site was made by programmers whom you can ask about it, you know which company they work in, and not programmers of free boxed solutions that you will never see ) Such a team of programmers with experience in developing and programming sites can give you the desired result. I think that they will be in difficulty immediately answer the question “What is a good site?”, They do all the work, they live programming. B disassemble the task - to make a good site, then they can easily realize all your wishes, offer implementation options. And each of them has their own idea of ​​what a good site is. Their presentation is based on their personal experience in developing websites, implementing a variety of tasks, full of bumps, bug fixes, introduced (programmed) new mind-blowing technologies on the site or e-commerce for a new payment system. An offensive technology is not installed in two or three clicks on a site on the Internet. Yes, they can make a good site and they know what a good site is.