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What is a site?

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A website, or a website (from the English website: web - “web, network” and site - “place”, literally “place, segment, part of the network”) - one or more web pages logically interconnected; also the location of the server content. Typically, a website on the Internet is an array of related data that has a unique address and is perceived by users as a whole. Websites are called so because they are accessed via HTTP.

A website as a system of electronic documents (data and code files) can belong to a private individual or organization and can be accessed on a computer network under a common domain name and IP address or locally on one computer. An article in the journal “Economics and Law” also suggested that each site has its own name, which should not be confused with a domain name. From the point of view of copyright, the site is a composite work, respectively, the name of the site is subject to protection along with the names of all other works.

All sites together constitute the World Wide Web, where communication (web) combines the information segments of the world community into a single whole - a database and communications of a planetary scale. For direct access of clients to sites on servers, the HTTP protocol was specially developed.