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Why should you order reliable website development from us?

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We are experts in our field

With over 12 years of experience, we have more than enough experience to implement reliable website development for your business. An expert is a person who has experience in the business he is engaged in. And experience, as you know, comes over the years. Successful experience is a series of successfully implemented, launched and profitable sites for business. And we have such experience. We are developing, therefore, we are recruiting young professionals to our team. But the core of the team is experts in their field.

We use and are interested in modern technologies that are used when developing a website (of any complexity). Since the main programming language is PHP, we are monitoring its new versions (PHP 8) and for the differences that come with the next updates. For those functions that are no longer supported in older versions or have been completely removed from the version. And also for other programming languages ​​that are also used in web site development. How rapidly technology is developing from year to year. What we started working with as web developers (Apache as a module, svn) is no longer used. And the technologies that we started working with as programmers were replaced by new technologies, new names and brands (php-fpm, nginx, composer, git).

Ordering a development from us is a dialogue with experts about technologies, and the implementation of one or another functionality you need to develop your business. Dialogue on how to get a simple, practical and profitable site from the Internet. Selling site or corporate site. Only in a dialogue with an expert (yes, programmers rarely, but still talk) can you gain new knowledge and expert conclusions. After all, not everything new can become long-used and necessary after a while. And how gorgeous and practical what it does looks. Everything is relative. The expert will make large corporate or complex site as they say "from scratch" - it means not having a single line of code or server. He is able to set up the server itself, write code, launch a website on the Internet, do SEO optimization, write developmental articles, get the first customers and first orders, increase and expand the business by getting new customers from the Internet, getting new customers from successfully implemented projects (word of mouth) increasing business profits. And it is the work with experts in website development that we offer. Is that what you want? We want to do this for you.

Value for money

Let's compare? What does a wordPress, Joomla, ShopCart, Tilda, etc. programmer have to offer? These sites are available on the Internet for free. They don't need to be programmed. They are sold and launched by site administrators for a few hundred or thousands. They are installed and used, the set of functionality that is already implemented in them. They suggest using what you have. You tell me, it suits me, but I want to add more of this or change the color of this. Can? Not!

Let's compare your business to a brick wall. Where the site is like a missing brick in the wall. This is the same as looking for a brick of the size you need in the wall from which the previous or missing brick fell out. Without which the whole wall will collapse. And you are looking for a brick of the size, color and thickness you need. With tears choosing and comparing characteristics of website development, prices and thinking logically. Implementation and development of a site on the listed free, we call them - shareware boxed sites, will not give you the desired result in the end. Why shareware? We don't know what you pay for - they are free on the Internet. If, of course, your goal is simply to blog on the Internet and sell articles (by adding e-Commerce), maybe one of them is enough for you. But no! We doubt, our experts say, we doubt that they will withstand the high traffic of your difficult blog, which was developed for low or at most average traffic. Not to mention optimization and code minification for mobile devices. For a popular blog with high traffic, and the ability to sell articles (you still need to refine this missing feature in the boxed implementation), the listed sites will not work. We are able to do what you need, edit and add almost any technically feasible wish when developing a new site. We are able to change the color and add to the site what is missing on the site now.

We propose to develop the "brick" you are missing (site). So to speak, from scratch (from scratch). We will make preliminary measurements of it, tell us what color it should be and what characteristics it should have for your business and your wall. We want to keep your wall. And develop a new website that brings profit to your business.

We Can Fast

We do the development of a new site quickly enough. How do we do it? After all, we wrote about development from scratch (from scratch), you may ask. Easy - we will answer. We know what parts a standard site consists of. We have already developed and made these parts of the site. Thus, we are not reinventing the wheel. Although, I agree with you that we spent some time on this. Feeling like a little squirrel in the wheel. But, now we have what we can offer you. This is a unique selling proposition that distinguishes us from other companies that develop a website quickly (but of high quality?).

We offer fast and high-quality development of a new site based on our expert knowledge, clearly defining our place among supposedly similar companies. We quickly develop, if you need it, specific missing functionality for you and implement it on your site or site-system. Our experts will first ask and find out all the information we need to develop. And as quickly as possible, they are experts - they do everything quickly, implement the desired functionality or feature on your website. We will develop a new website for you and your business as quickly as possible, so that you can quickly move to the next step of business development through the Internet.

Unique development

Our code is somewhat unique. Other sites also have the same letters when writing site code. But our code and our development is unique in that it was not copied from somewhere else on the site. We wrote this code. We wrote the code while developing a new site. This is our code and we give it to our clients. Our clients become owners of a unique code. The uniqueness of the development does not end there. In the process of developing a site, you tell what you want to get and we develop this for you - this is a unique development. You won't get what you need with shareware out-of-the-box solutions - they are not unique. It is not possible to develop what you need using them.

We can design any web page for you. And this is a unique development. Believe it - check it out! You need a custom shape with a custom background design - we can make this unique design for you. And even if there is another company that will make you the same form (which I doubt) - ours will be unique in that it will be more minimized in size and optimized in the code - and this is the download speed and the clients received (who waited for it to download) - we are unique again. We know how to be unique among equals. We make and provide a unique website development for you. We want to make and develop something unique for you and your site.

Flexible and responsive in their work

We know our code and use modern technologies in the development of the site. All of this allows us to calmly and systematically do our work. Answer your questions. Meet technical requirements. Sincerely interested in your business and having knowledge in their field, offer you the best and optimal development option. Order site development from us - this is to receive answers to questions. To have a dialog. And know that there is someone who will understand your desires and business specifics and find a way to do what you want. We are flexible - our flexibility is our technical knowledge and expertise in the development of a new website. We are constantly learning something new and suggest using it in development in practice.

Result of work

You can be sure that by contacting us you will receive the expected and predictable result of your work. Indeed, during the development process, we conducted a dialogue and clarified what exactly you need. This or this. One or the other. We have a lot to offer. We want to provide you with the result of our work. A result that will delight you.